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Wondering what the heck poke is and what's appeal? We'll try to explain the evolution.

Traditional poke originates from Hawaii and consists of diced raw fish. In the pre-colonial days before the arrival of Western travelers Hawaiians were preparing their catch by salting, slicing, adding seaweed and crushed candlenut.  It was around the 1970s that the fusion of Poke with other cultures began, with the introduction of other cultural flavors. 

Nowadays "modern poke" come in many forms. It doesn't necessarily have to be tuna or even seafood, nor does it have to be raw or cubed.  Mainstream "takes" on poke include chicken, tofu as well as the traditional chunks of raw and marinated fish. These are then tossed over rice, salad or other fun bases and topped with vegetables and a flavor packed sauces. 

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Westcoast vibes with a magnitude of flavors, there's always a new combination!

Get creative and mix and match your favorite ingredients to build your very own mind blowing bowl. Our selection will indulge everyone, from fish lovers, to vegans and even those who are craving some crispy nachos. The possibilities are endless!

Endless possibilities 

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